Best Acupuncturist in Toronto Toronto Star Reader's Choice Awards 2019

Ready for Relief?

You’re in the right place.

Want to release your stress, anxiety, pain?

Done. Start feeling like yourself again with some acupuncture and cupping.

Into using herbs?

Great! Chinese Herbal Medicine gets your body back into balance.

Curious about understanding the emotions/beliefs connected to your symptoms?

Awesome. That’s my passion. Prepare to be blown away when you hear what your body is telling you about the unconscious beliefs that have been holding you back.

Suffering from PTSD and/or scar tissue?

Craniosacral worked like a dream for me.  Trust me, you’ll love it too. It’s a gentle, hands-on technique that releases emotional trauma from your body, and also softens and minimizes any scar tissue. Added bonus: It feels unbelievably relaxing.