5 Signs Your Liver Yang is Rising

Your liver needs an equal balance of yin (fluid, substance) and yang (energy, movement) to function properly. If there’s not enough liver yin to act as an anchor for your liver yang, it rises up toward your head and wreaks havoc. Common symptoms? Check out the list below…

  1. Frequent headaches and migraines, especially behind your eyes and around your temples.
  2. Twitchy eyelids and eyebrows. Whoa, are you flirting with me? Or just having a Beetlejuice moment…?
  3. Short fuse. From Bruce Banner to Incredible Hulk in 0.2 seconds? You probably need to get your liver yang in check.
  4. Dizziness.
  5. Ringing in your ears. Usually high-pitched, and worse with stress.

What to do about it

  1. Eat foods that nourish your liver yin, so it can anchor your liver yang.
  2. Get more sleep. You build up yin when you sleep, which balances out the excess yang rising to your head.
  3. Gentle yoga. Your tendons, ligaments, and fascia are controlled by the liver in TCM. Stretching softens your connective tissue, and makes it easier for liver energy to move smoothly. Half moon pose is especially helpful for liver yang rising.
  4. Get acupuncture. It’s one of the best ways to calm your yang, nourish your yin, and get some much needed TLC.

Love Your Liver

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