9 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Kidneys

Your kidneys, in TCM…

  1. Hold your fear and insecurity. And also your motivation and willpower!
  2. Connect to your ears. Poor hearing? Tinnitus? Your kidneys need a boost.
  3. Support your bones and teeth. Osteoporosis? Weak chompers? Time to get some kidney support.
  4. Reveal their health in your head hair. Suffering with alopecia? Want lustrous locks? Nourish your kidneys with acupuncture and TCM herbs!
  5. Responsible for your reproductive organs. Fertility issues? Often your kidneys are at the root of the situation.
  6. Weakened by overwork and childbirth. Feeling drained? Nurture your kidneys and you’ll get your zing back!
  7. Crave salty food when depleted.
  8. Help with water metabolism. Edema, especially in the lower limbs, is a sign that your kidney yang could use a boost. For a list of foods that support kidney yang, click here.

Kickstart Your Kidneys Today!

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