Bloated Before Your Period?

Do these 4 things to get back into your regular pants again

Are mumu dresses and/or elasticized waistbands the only comfortable thing for you to wear during PMS? Good news! Treat your liver and spleen right, and you’ll have the best menstrual cycles ever.

Stress and other factors can make your liver Qi stagnant, and when this happens, it aggravates your spleen and causes bloating. Especially during the PMS phase. You just need to do a few tweaks to some of your lifestyle habits to strengthen your spleen Qi and keep your liver Qi moving.

1. Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine
  • get regular acupuncture and take TCM herbs. Studies show that acupuncture reduces PMS symptoms (including bloating) by 50% or more, especially when combined with traditional Chinese herbal medicine.
2. Food (especially in the 2 weeks before your period)
  • eat lots of dark, leafy greens to keep your liver Qi moving
  • avoid cold, raw food and cold drinks, which weaken your spleen
3. Exercise
  • medium intensity cardio 3x/week, for 20-25min. Your liver and spleen will love you. I promise. Plus, there’s new research that shows it helps with other PMS symptoms too!
4. Supplements
  • take 200 mg of magnesium in the evening. Research shows that you’ll start to notice an improvement in premenstrual bloating after taking it for about 2 months.

Book an appointment now and feel better this period!

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