9 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Lungs

Your lungs in TCM...

  1. Hold the energy of sadness, grief, and guilt.
  2. Connect to your nose. Nasal congestion? Loss of smell? Sneezing? Your lungs are under functioning.
  3. Reveal their health in your skin. Want clear, smooth, supple skin? Be good to your your lungs. And get some facial cupping! Learn more about the benefits here.
  4. Responsible for defending your body from external pathogens. Weak immune system? Time to strengthen your lung energy. Research shows that acupuncture and TCM herbs effectively boost your immune system – read more here.
  5. Metabolize fluids in your head and chest. Puffy eyes? Heavy head or chest? Your lung yang needs support.
  6. Help you let go. Along with its paired organ, the large intestine, eliminates waste (both emotional and physical).
  7. Crave spicy foods when they’re weak.
  8. Dislike being dry or cold. You may like to go running in the winter… your lungs don’t love it though.
  9. House your personality. Esoteric TCM texts say that your personality, with all it’s funky quirks, is stored in your lungs.

Pump up Your Lung Energy!

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