What People Are Saying About Readings With Joy…

“I had the most beautiful and clarifying Cosmic Intuitive Reading with Joy. I was a bit lost with the direction of my career and overall purpose in life. We met on zoom for an illuminating call I will never forget.  I LOVED Joy’s calming and loving energy. This reading was the confirmation I needed from my spirit guides to continue on my path. If you are feeling lost or stuck, this reading is for you. It’s THE THING that validated I was on the right track and I often will go back to the notes I made from that reading as there was such incredible guidance I could not get anywhere else. THANK YOU Joy for being an important part of my journey.” – Joanna Lean, age 36, Toronto ON

Joy really was helpful in bringing some clarity to ongoing questions I had and offered incredible intuition into my experiences that validated her keen insight. I enjoyed the succinct nature of the session. I had questions about my ancestors, my path in life, and visions I had been having. She was prepared with answers that were well-reasoned, pragmatic, and concise. Joy’s responses were meaningful and spoke directly to me. It was a fabulous experience that left me feeling bolstered“. – Jonny Morgan, age 39, Toronto ON

Joy is a gifted intuitive with a deep understanding of the human condition. Not to mention, she’s an incredibly loving and warm presence. If you need guidance, definitely choose Joy! I received a reading from her and I was amazed at how she was able to tap right into what I was experiencing and feeling. Her channeled messages were also able to give me a larger perspective that I wouldn’t have been able to get on my own. I definitely recommend her for any reading that requires channeling source information back to you, as you won’t be disappointed with the accuracy and details she provides!” – Antonella Nardulli, Toronto ON

I was grieving the move of my foster son. Months had passed, but my heart was still breaking. I couldn’t find the energy for my day-to-day life and my heart was going numb. I had looked for help with medical professionals and energy healing, but I needed something else. I have two wonderful daughters and I wanted to get back to myself for them.  

My reading with Joy gave me information about my spiritual connection with him and helped me see our bond is unbreakable. The details she shared soothed my aching heart. The techniques she recommended to uplift and support him from a distance, changed the way I prayed for him to a more positive vibe.  

This was the spiritual balm I desperately needed. If this was the only blessing received from Joy, that would have been more than enough, but like ripples in a pond, it keeps going. My friendship with his grandmother is strengthening. I am confident now that I will be able to reestablish my connection with him once it is safe to gather together again.” – Erin O., age 46, Olympia WA     

Doing a cosmic intuitive (Akashic) reading with Joy quite simply changed my life experience! A lofty statement yet true. In this time of great change and the uncertainty and solitude some of us have been experiencing, my day-to-day sometimes felt stuck and very lonely, and this exacerbated the life changes that were unfolding as I moved through my early 60s.

I’ve known Joy for a long time and benefitted greatly from her acupuncture treatments and council and was keen to learn more about the Akashic. I knew very little and she provided an overview of the records and the process in a simple, straightforward way and clarified the unseen she works with in doing a reading. She made the process very easy and fluid.

There was guidance from my Ancestors and Loved Ones that I will treasure always! The answers to my questions were not long, but were very rich in content and the Joy and Love I felt while receiving the reading and since then has been palpable. It expanded my awareness of the Love and support that surround me every day, seen and unseen, and shifted my perspective on almost every aspect of my life. I love that Joy provides the reading in writing so it can be referred to time and time again – and I have!  I encourage anyone who is curious about the Akashic to trust the process with Joy. She will bring you sacred wisdom in response to your questions that has the power to ease an addled mind, uplift and transform. – Laura Templin, age 63, Toronto ON

Joy Truly is just that, a joy. She really has a great sense of empathy and compassion about her. We had a great reading together where she really helped me gain answers to my career and life path in places where I was confused and stuck. The information she gave me was really helpful as it allowed me to reconsider things and look at different perspectives I didn’t really view before. Thank you Joy for everything! – Candice A., Toronto ON

“I was blown away by the clarity I received not only by the questions I asked Joy, but by the unexpected insights she uncovered that helped answer why I am the way I am in certain areas as a result of my past life. These realizations were groundbreaking for me. Gaining a new perspective in an area of my life that I didn’t think I had any power over and would have to accept as is is no longer the case. As a result, I have freed up space for ease as I learn my way and walk my path, growing into who I am, and not what others want me to be.

If you are looking to access and understand more about yourself and your truth, I highly recommend a reading with Joy. I often go back to the one I had because I find I pick up something new each time that I can apply to my life today. Thank you for this gift you have given me Joy ❤” – Colleen C, Dallas TX

Joy is a lovely, sensitive, with highly developed emotional intelligence, and is a very psychically aware person. She helped me to sort through some confusion that I was experiencing at a particular cross roads in my life experience. This helped me to integrate my thoughts and feelings on a number of actions that I was considering taking.  Joy helped me by posing several powerful questions that gave rise to some deep and very fruitful self-reflection as well.  In particular, she emphasized self-trust as the way forward.  Like for many Empaths, self-trust and self-love are the two most challenging aspects to see and then to cultivate with kindness.

As a result of my reading with her, I felt more confident about the choices that I had already made.  As well, I felt confident about the steps and changes that emerged from those choices. One thing I really liked was Joy’s warmth and insights.  It was easy to talk with Joy and her manner immediately put me at ease. I found the reading relevant and deeply satisfying.  I saw how working with Joy was so helpful to me, both in the immediate and near future. I’d recommend Joy to people who want to understand how help and support from unseen forces can impact their 3D life in many positive, even loving, ways“. – Pat Parisi, age 64, Kitchener ON

“I am very grateful for the reading and guidance I received from Joy. Her thorough explanation resonated with me so well! She had detailed insights to my questions that gave me clarity and a sense of peace. I found Joy to be very inspirational and informative and would highly recommend her since it’s a truly amazing experience”. – Marisa R., Toronto ON