Readings with Joy

Choose the perfect type of reading for your situation:

TCM & Body Map Reading

In physical pain, and feeling stuck, frustrated & exhausted? My signature TCM & Body Map Reading is your best fit. Different parts of your body hold emotional and psychological imbalances in very specific ways. I’ve learned to read the combination of signs through both Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic methods, as well as my own intuitive awareness of how the mind/body connection reveals itself by showing up in particular areas of the body. In this reading, we’ll do a TCM intake, combined with a body mapping assessment to give you a comprehensive look at what’s going on with you on every level of your being, and the steps you can take to get into alignment. Recommendations may include any of the following: supplements, herbs, exercises, lifestyle enhancements, nutrition guidance, affirmations, redefining personal and relationship boundaries, and reframing outdated beliefs and narratives.

50min zoom call: $120

Cosmic Intuitive Reading

Confused, uncertain, or trying to figure out the bigger picture of your life? My Cosmic Intuitive Reading is your gateway to getting the clarity and direction you need to move forward with confidence. Your angels and guides are eager to offer their insights, whatever challenges you’re facing. For this reading you’ll send me your question(s) in advance, and I’ll do your reading on my own first. Then we’ll debrief in a zoom call. We’ll talk about everything that came through during the reading, and you’ll have a chance to ask for clarification. As well, I’ll send you my handwritten notes from the initial reading.

Please note: Questions about “how”, “why”, and “what” are very effective. Avoid “yes/no”, or “when” or “who” type questions.

One question reading: 30min zoom call ($110, includes time spent doing initial reading)

Three question reading: 60min zoom call ($160, includes time spent doing initial reading)

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a gift for seeing beyond the surface of things. I was aware of people’s emotional undercurrents, and how those ripples were affecting their health and mental state. I also always felt connected to the Divine, which supported me through my 6 cleft lip and palate surgeries and years of painful physical interventions. Getting older, and going through a near death experience several years ago has only deepened my awareness of and gratitude for the “woo”. Angels and guides are always communicating with us, and I love sharing their wisdom with everyone who needs it.