About the Blends

Certified Organic Essential Oils

The essential oils in the Love Joy blends are certified as Organic by the USDA, except for one or two that could only be sourced wild-crafted. So hooray, no random sh*t on your skin!

Ready to Use

Your skin and your safety are important to me. These blends are diluted based on established safety recommendations, which means you can start using them as soon as you open the box.

Foundation Blends

New to essential oils and just beginning to build your collection? These oil blends help you shift your energetic foundation and prepare you for further expansion with the Advanced blends.

*Making your own blends? If you don’t have one of the individual oils listed in the Foundation Blend recipe, check the ingredients in the blends you already have at home and simply substitute the drops of the blend with the correct oil in it for the individual oil listed.

Advanced Blends

Coming Soon! Advanced blends are formulated for experienced oil users. These blends build on the Foundation Blends and facilitate an even more profound shift into a paradigm that is rooted in self-love and love for others.