7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Heart

According to TCM theory, your heart…

  1. Holds the energy of over-excitement, over-stimulation, and manic thinking when weak.
  2. Connects to your tongue. Cankers on your tongue? Speech problems? Your heart energy is out of balance.
  3. Reveals its health in your complexion/face. Want to freshen up your complexion and reduce baggy eyes? Learn how here.
  4. Houses your Shen. Your Shen includes: your personality, soul, mental activity, intuition, consciousness/awareness.
  5. Helps you sleep at night. Insomnia? Your heart yin is probably a part of the problem. For other tips on how to get a great night’s sleep, click here.
  6. Produces sweat. Excessive sweating? Your heart Qi is probably deficient.
  7. Works with your kidney energy to create sexual arousal and orgasm. Learn more about sex, arousal, and orgasm in TCM here.

Make Your Heart Happy!

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