9 Ways to Know if You Have a Weak Spleen

Your Spleen in TCM…

  1. Holds the energy of worry, anxiety, obsessive thinking when depleted.
  2. Connects to your nose, lips, and saliva.
  3. Reveals its health in your muscle tone (or lack of it!)
  4. Transforms your food into energy, and transports it to your heart and lungs for distribution through your body (Low energy? Your spleen may need help.)
  5. Dislikes cold, raw food (Bloated all the time? Start by eating only warm, cooked food.)
  6. Craves sweet food when it’s weak! For a list of foods that strengthen your spleen click here.
  7. Creates dampness in your body when chronically depleted (If your head or your limbs feel heavy, you probably have dampness.)
  8. Supports your intellect. Specifically: ability to focus, concentrate, learn new things, engage your short term memory. (If you’re struggling with any of these, you probably have a weak spleen. Or you need more sleep…)
  9. Holds your organs in place and keeps your blood in your blood vessels. (Easy bruising? Prolapse? Strengthening your spleen is the key!)

Supercharge your spleen today!

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