Do These 5 Things to Get Better Sleep

You Work Hard. You Deserve to Sleep Hard.

  1. Ditch caffeine. Coffee, tea, and dark chocolate all have caffeine in them, which interferes with your adenosine receptors. That means that you’re tricking your brain into staying awake even though your body is tired. (Trust me, I KNOW how hard it is to quit coffee. It used to be like a food group for me. But if you really want to kick insomnia, this is the most important place to start.)
  2. Finish your dinner 3-4 hours before bed, and keep carbs to a minimum for this meal. Otherwise, you’ll end up being too hot, and have a restless sleep.
  3. Turn down the lights and turn off screens at least 1 hour before hitting the sack. This tells your brain it’s time to wind down and start producing melatonin. Read the research here.
  4. Take magnesium in the evening. It’ll relax your muscles so you can fall asleep more easily. Start with 150mg and increase your dose if needed. You’ll know you need to reduce your dose if you start getting loose stool. Click here for more research on how magnesium improves sleep quality.
  5. Get regular acupuncture. Research reviews show that getting acupuncture regularly is better than sleeping pills for insomnia. Stop counting sheep, start getting better sleep – Book online now!

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