3 Reasons Why this Summer is the Right Time to Open Your Heart

Your heart is the ruler of the summer season, according to TCM. That means your heart is at its strongest; it’s Qi and vitality are at their peak. Heart energy is expansive – it receives blood (think nourishment, love, vitality), and immediately sends it right back outward. And it’s well-rewarded for doing that, because it means it all comes flowing right back! Aligning yourself with this energy in your interpersonal relationships this summer brings all kinds of unexpected gifts.

Your small intestine (which is the heart’s paired organ) is also strong right now, so you can feel safe sharing your love and your passion! Here’s why: Your small intestine is in charge of separating what’s “clean” from what’s “unclean” in your body – in other words, what’s healthy and nourishing for you, and what should be eliminated as waste. This discerning energy also extends to how you’re relating to the outer world as well, so you’ll intuitively know who to open up to and share your life with.

Joy is the emotion associated with the heart in TCM, which means it’s at its most abundant now! What better energy is there to attract love (of all kinds) into your life than joyfulness?

Feel like your heart is out of balance with this season’s energy?

Book online now. Your heart will thank you!

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  1. Connie says:

    My heart is full to overflowing, cause you treat me so well!

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