Why Your Spleen Wants You to Meditate

Meditation is one of the best spleen building exercises you can do. Even 5-10 minutes a day can make a huge difference over a couple of months. You’ll see improvements in all sorts of areas of your life you might not have thought were related at all!

Focus>Worry. The spleen is in charge of your concentration, and is damaged by worry and anxiety; so improving your ability to observe your thoughts and then let them go builds resilience against the habit of worry and benefits your spleen. Freed from the burden of chronic worry, your spleen has more energy for concentration, learning, and short term memory.

Meditation=Better Digestion. Practicing the art of being in the present moment, and letting go of obsessing over things you probably can’t control anyway impacts your spleen in amazing ways. First, the habit of meditation sets the foundation for mindful eating in terms of how much you eat, and what you choose to ingest. Second, choosing to pay attention to thorough chewing and enjoying the taste of your food makes the spleen’s job of transforming your food into energy your body can use much easier.

Ready to triple the impact of your meditation practice? Great! Combine it with keeping a gratitude journal. Check out all the details about how practicing gratitude benefits your spleen (and your other organs) here.

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