Perfecting Your Pacing this Spring: How to Tap into the Wisdom of the Wood Element

After months of hibernating and (ideally) nurturing and strengthening your inner world, it seems like it’s time to start directing your energy outward. But with everything going on in the world right now, you may be feeling like you’ve just been forced to take a left turn…You’re ready to bring your plans, dream, and projects into form – how do you set yourself up for success?

The wood element is the ruler of Spring, so it’s wise to look at how trees and plants navigate this shift of energy for guidance…

Pay close attention to signals in the outer world that suggest the timing is right to move forward. There’s a reason most plants don’t decide to sprout in the winter. There’s not enough sunlight, or warmth so they wait for the right conditions. If they fail to do that, they die. Trying to force yourself to move ahead when the environment is hostile is stressful, and unlikely to lead to success. Instead, be attentive. Keep your eyes and ears open. The signs will inevitably come that it’s time to begin – an event, conversation, article…

Then, proceed carefully and tenderly. Your energy and your potential are building up right now, so watch out for impatience and over-enthusiasm. New growth is vulnerable, and needs to be protected and treated with care if you want it to reach its full expression. Only share your dreams and plans with the few people you know you can trust to be fully supportive, positive, and loyal in the beginning stages.

Planning on starting a new exercise routine or nutrition regime? Great! Avoid bragging about it to Captain Negativity (whoever that is in your life). You don’t need the added pressure of them waiting to make some comment that brings you down. A better option? Share your plans with someone who’s going to cheer you on or join you!

Avoid comparison. Your beautiful dreams are going to unfold at just the right time for you. Think about it – even when there’s still snow on the ground, you’ll see the leaves of crocuses and tulips sprouting, meanwhile rose bushes aren’t doing anything yet. Do you think the rose bush wastes its energy on struggling to catch up to the tulips? Or that the tulips imagine themselves to be superior to the roses, just because they arrived sooner? Do your own thing, and keep your eyes on your own prize. Trust that you can’t possibly know how long the gestation period is for your dreams to manifest.

Honour the uniqueness of your body and its needs. Sure, there are some basic health guidelines that apply to everyone (like getting enough sleep, exercise, and healthy food), but one size does not fit all when it comes to the types of foods and types of exercise that suit you best. If you’re having trouble figuring out the best way to be in great health, TCM is a huge help. Get personalized suggestions based on your constitution and energetic imbalances now, so you can head into summer looking and feeling great.

If you feel irritable in the Spring, you’re not alone! Your liver (which is associated with the wood element that rules the Spring) holds the emotions of anger, frustration, and depression. Your liver Qi may be out of balance, and it’s common for symptoms of it to show up more intensely in the Spring. Luckily, there are lots of ways that TCM can help you get your liver Qi back on track. For starters, check out this list of foods to help get your liver moving.

Feeling confused about what direction you want to grow in this Spring? If all the changes that have been happening are making you question the path you’ve been on, I have a new offering for you. Get clarity on your burning questions, and find out how to align yourself with your highest potential with an intuitive energy reading.

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