Which of the 5 TCM Body Types are You?

Learn how to best support your health based on your TCM constitution!


curly or thin hair, wide teeth, slightly pointed head, small hands and feet, quick mind, energetic, active


strong muscular legs, slightly bigger abdomen, round face, calm, helpful, easy to get along with

  • eat foods that prevent dampness
  • take long walks in nature
  • introduce lots of variety into your life – different people, foods, experiences


pale complexion, square face, flat abdomen, strong voice, decisive, keen mind

  • avoid hot, spicy foods and coffee
  • meditate
  • do athletic activities that require a lot of focus and concentration, like martial arts, rock climbing


long spine/back, slightly dark complexion, larger abdomen, big head, sympathetic, laid back, intuitive


broad shoulders, small head, long face, tall and sinewy body, emotionally intelligent, hard worker, likes to think things over

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