Did You Know This About Emotional Eating?

You think it’s about avoiding your feelings, but what if there’s more to it?

What if it’s actually maintaining a delicate balance between your spirit and your ego? Consider this: your consciousness/awareness lives in your blood, according to TCM. In an ideal scenario, your blood travels smoothly throughout your body, so your consciousness has a clear overview of everything you’re experiencing.

But let’s be real – sometimes you don’t want to face things. Life changes, sh*t happens, and you want to slow things down. You just can’t deal with it right now. (Or at least you don’t think you can.) So you start eating entire bags of popcorn, an extra-large pizza, the Halloween candy somehow still left over, or, you know, if you’re really in a state, chocolate dipped potato chips…

What’s really going on is that you’re eating all the foods that create phlegm in your body (i.e. sugar, dairy, grease).

Here’s where it gets really interesting…

Phlegm is the one thing that blood doesn’t penetrate. And if your blood can’t get there, your awareness can’t go there either. So when you eat foods that introduce phlegm into your body, at least for a little while, you don’t have to deal with the enormity of your life – because you’ve just effectively hidden parts of your experience from being consciously experienced. Thank you phlegm!

Everything slows down when you introduce phlegm – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Is that always a bad thing? I’d argue that it’s not.

Here’s why. Your spirit isn’t afraid of anything – it goes forward boldly and with total trust. That’s what it’s designed to do, and you can count on it to take you where you need to go. But you’re also here, on earth, in human form. Which means you have an ego. Your ego can sometimes be a bit problematic, but it wants to protect you and keep you safe… And sometimes you need to go slower for a little while in order to feel safe.

So the next time you’re “eating your feelings”, know that what you’re really doing is slowing things down to a manageable pace for your ego. And, when you’re ready to speed up again, here’s a list of foods to help you eliminate your phlegm.

The pace of change since the pandemic hit is huge. While you’re in self-isolation and dealing with economic uncertainty, emotional eating may only be one layer of the challenges you’re facing right now.

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