8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Liver

(According to TCM)

  1. Holds your anger and stress: this can also manifest as depression, irritability, resentment.
  2. Connects to your eyes: problems with your vision, as well as eyes that are dry, itchy, or sore relate to liver imbalances.
  3. Supports your connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascia): tight, inflexible joints are a reflection of a stagnant liver.
  4. Reveals its health in your nails: weak, brittle nails? Your liver needs more yin.
  5. Moves your Qi, stores your blood: too little of either in your body, and you become tight, and stuck.
  6. Attacks your spleen and/or stomach when stagnated: creating indigestion, belching, acid regurgitation, etc.
  7. Craves sour foods: dying for salt and vinegar chips all the time? Your liver’s calling for help.
  8. Houses your soul: esoteric TCM texts says that your soul, with its plans for your life, inhabits your liver.

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