Did You Know These 3 Things about Sex?

Arousal and orgasm in TCM depends on your kidneys, heart, and liver being in great shape. Decreased libido? Erectile Dysfunction? Just curious? Keep reading…

Stirring up the Urge – Your Kidneys and Your Libido

Getting in the mood relies on strong kidney function. In TCM your kidneys control your reproductive organs, and spark your urge to get busy.

For those of you with a penis:

Being able to get and maintain an erection depends mostly on having strong kidney yang. Kidney yang provides the energy and drive needed to provide kidney essence (i.e. sperm) for delivery outside your body. Overwork depletes kidney yang, so be sure to rest up if you’re planning some fun! To check out a list of foods that nourish your kidney yang, click here. Acupuncture and herbs can help too…and NO, the needles do not go in your penis. (In case you were wondering. Which I know you were).

For those of you with a vagina:

Generating interest in having sex and enough vaginal lubrication depends on having lots of kidney yin. Childbirth, breastfeeding, and insomnia (among other things) deplete your yin, but you can replenish it with acupuncture, herbs, and the right foods. Click here for a list of yin nourishing foods to get you going!

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Sparking the Desire to Follow Through – Heart Qi and Heart Blood

For both sexes, getting aroused and having an orgasm also depend on having strong heart Qi to circulate blood and energy down to your kidneys and genitals. Feeling stressed or anxious can weaken your heart Qi and/or heart blood, and can prevent erection and orgasm. A combo treatment of acupuncture and craniosacral can help nourish your heart Qi and help you feel relaxed and self-assured. You can book online here.

Keeping the Connection Open – Liver Qi

Your liver meridian passes right through your genital area. So, if your liver Qi is stagnated, it can reduce your ability to get aroused and your ability to orgasm as well. Keep your liver moving by doing regular cardiovascular exercise, gentle stretching or yoga, and eating foods that move liver Qi stagnation.

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