2 Unexpected (but Awesome!) Benefits of Kissing More

Leaning in for a good make-out session (10 seconds minimum, with lots of tongue) means that you get over 80 million bacteria from your kissing partner, based on scientific research from the Netherlands.

OK, so that doesn’t sounds incredible romantic, but it does mean that as long your partner is reasonably healthy you’ll have:

  • increased immunity to infections
  • improved digestion

How it Works

Being ready to ward off a wide variety of infections and able to digest a wide variety of foods relies on you having a diverse microbiota. Kissing loads you up with all the goodies your partner has… so this Valentine’s Day, give yourself and your partner the gift of great health with a nice, long tongue tangle.

Why This is So Cool from a TCM Perspective

Your spleen plays a key role in both maintaining your Defensive Qi (i.e. immune system), and in properly digesting your food, according to TCM theory. And, the fluid associated with the spleen in TCM is – wait for it – SALIVA! This is why I love Chinese Medicine…and kisses.

Need Even More Support for your Immune System or Your Digestion?

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can help. Start feeling healthy, resilient, and vibrant today – book online now!

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Connie says:

    I guess that is why we are so healthy! Lots of đź’‹ kissing!

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