How Acupuncture & TCM Herbs Boost Your Immune System – from a Scientific Perspective

Catching colds all the time? Slathering hand sanitizer all over yourself and spraying disinfectant on every nearby surface for fear of getting sick? And STILL ending up with the flu?

Here’s how regular acupuncture, combined with Chinese Herbal Medicine can help.

Research shows that acupuncture:

  1. Increases your levels of defender cells (T-lymphocytes, your shield).
  2. Pumps up your natural killer cells (macrophages, your sword).

Recent research also shows that Bai Zhu, a key ingredient in TCM herbal formulas used to prevent cold and flu:

  1. Boosts your levels of T-cells and macrophages (like acupuncture), AND…
  2. Clears infections from external sources by stimulating the T2 response in your body (your best strategy for defense if nasty invaders manage to penetrate your borders!)

Stay healthy all winter! Book online now.

Check out the article from Autonomic Neuroscience that describes the details about the effects of acupuncture here, and the article about Bai Zhu here.

Looking for more things you can do to prevent colds and flu this winter? Learn more here!

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