Get a younger, fresher face without botox

Facial cupping: your secret for reducing wrinkles and baggy eyes

Take your face to a new level of beautiful by combining professional facial cupping with essential oils and craniosacral. Your face glows, your skin is toned, and you look and feel vibrant and deeply relaxed.

Why do all of them together? Well…Because you get all the good stuff, like:

  • increased circulation (aaah, my face feels so smooth and supple!)
  • optimized removal of accumulated fluids and waste (say goodbye to puffy eyes)
  • natural collagen production (like magic eraser for fine lines)
  • activated parasympathetic nervous system (so your body can relax, rest, and digest)
  • a gift to take home (sampler bottle of a customized essential oil blend, just for you)


Will I get cupping marks on my face?

No. I’m trained in facial cupping, and part of that training involved how to perform safe and effective treatment WITHOUT leaving cupping marks on your face

Will it hurt?

No, facial cupping is absolutely pain-free. In fact, treatments release tension in the face, so they feel amazing and promote a deep sense of well-being.

How many sessions do I need?

That depends if you’re looking for a boost before a big event, or if you’re looking to produce long lasting results. It will also depend on the condition of your tissues, but generally speaking, to create a lasting effect you’re looking at 4-10 sessions.

Can I combine it with acupuncture too, so I can use my benefits?


What if I’m sensitive to smell? Do you have to use the essential oils?

Using essential oils is a bonus, not a necessity. Even if we skip the essential oil part of the treatment, you still get great results.

Ready to take years off your face? Book online now:

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